Simple poker bot with great features! Play and win!

HOLDEMBOT is a software for automatic poker game (No-Limit Texas Hold'em):

- no installation needed;

- easy setup;

- multi-tabling support;

- stealth mode;

- full automation and autonomy;

- free demo version;

- most popular rooms supported.


Based on OpenHoldem, the bot uses a screen scraping method to analyze the state of the game and programmable profiles for the action engine.

Full automation

The bot automatically connects to the poker table and starts playing. In addition to the main actions (raise, fold, etc.), the bot can also press sit-out, sit-in, close tables, handle pop-ups, make random delays and much more.

Easy setup

To start the bot does not require installation and configuration. All bot settings are optional and do not require programming skills. Set up only your system and room.


Plays any cash games, MTT and SNG (6,8,9-max tables). Allows you to play multiple tables and run multiple rooms on one computer.


Some casinos are unfriendly to poker bots. However, our settings allow the bot to remain invisible to their detection systems.


Currently, our bot can play on the following sites. The list of rooms will be updated.








Attention! The demo bot support only 6-max cash (including fast forward) on partypoker!


The HoldemBot poker bot is a program that can play poker without direct user interaction. The program reads the data from the poker table itself, makes the necessary decisions based on the current situation, and presses the buttons corresponding to this decision (bet, fold, etc.). The program can also process dialog boxes and take breaks in cash games. There is no need to enter any data into the program during the game, the bot plays completely by itself. All that is required from the user is just to launch the bot and open the poker table. HoldemBot is not an assistant, but a real poker bot! Hold'embot is designed to play classic No-limit Texas Hold'em. Omaha, short deck (6+ Hold'em) and other types of poker are not supported!
To get acquainted with the functionality of the program, you can download a free demo version. Please note that the demo bot can only play partypoker cash tables using a simplified demo strategy! Recommended for testing at micro-stakes 6-max cash tables.
The software of some rooms can scan running active processes, as well as take screenshots of the desktop. However, thanks to the simple but effective settings described in the manual, you can easily hide our poker bot. Most poker rooms are completely loyal to poker bots. And the main reason for the bans is the carelessness of the users themselves, who neglect the stealth settings and launch bot for too long a time. The best and safest way to use the bot is multi-table tournaments. If you play cash, take breaks.
HoldemBot will run on any Windows computer or VM. However, when multitabling is used, the bot's performance depends on the processor and RAM.
If the bot can't start because mfc140.dll, MSVCP140.dll or others .dll files is missing from your computer, you need to download and install 32-bit Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 libraries:

You need the 32-bit-version, even if you have a 64-bit-system, because HoldemBot still supports older machines with 32 bits.

On the site you can download a free demo version of the bot. To request a paid version, you need to send a message to or telegram @holdembot_support. All files of the paid version are sent only by mail!
To make sure that the bot connects to your poker table, you can send me screenshots of your poker table by email. For this:
- download HoldemBot demo;
- rename the bot folder and hide it from the poker room as described in the "Configuring Stealth" section of the manual;
- configure the poker client according to the settings (select your room in the list);
- open the poker table (make sure it is supported by the bot in the "Price" section);
- make sure your poker table is visible;
- go to the bot folder and run /tools/OpenReplayShooter.exe;
- select your poker table in the "Window to capture" drop-down list;
- press Start, wait a few seconds, then press Stop;
- send a message with the text "test bot" and the folder C:\TMP (or another one, if you have changed it) to e-mail;
- I will send you a screenshot in return, where you can see how the bot is connected to your poker table and recognizes all the table elements necessary for the game (cards, stacks, bets, buttons, etc.).
Also on the "Holdem Bot" youtube channel there are recordings of the bot's game on all supported rooms, as well as a demonstration of bot logic.
Most poker bots sold today have many usage restrictions. HoldemBot has no restrictions: on the duration of use (one-time purchase); by the number of computers (no binding to hardware); by the number of tables played at the same time. HoldemBot does not have a binding to the IP or hardware of the computer, so you do not need to pay for renewal of the license or for licenses for additional computers every year. HoldemBot does not need to be installed on the computer, so the program does not leave entries in the registry. Unlike other commercial bots, HoldemBot does not use encoded files that slow down the bot. Every day we analyze thousands of hands played by the bot on real poker tables. We are constantly improving the bot's game strategy and updating the bot logic.

HoldemBot is a universal poker bot for cash and tournaments MTT.

A short-stack strategy is based on charts, depending on the situation (open-push, push after limp or raise, resteal-push, call push, etc.). When compiling the charts used various training resources (pokerstrategy, Upswing Poker, Exceptional Poker) as well as special programs (SnG Wizard, ICMIZER, Preflop +). The heads-up game uses Nash-based charts. The preflop game with medium and large stack is based mainly on the tight opening range. However, to exclude the exploit , opening range includes some speculative hands (with a random probability of opening).

Postflop features:
- cbet code;
- float;
- check-raise;
- slowplay;
- bluff;
- aggressive playing with monster-draw;
- calling according to outs and odds;
- actions randomization (check or bet, call or raise);
- betsize randomization.

For making a best actions, the HoldemBot many factors are taken into account:
- the number of opponents in the hand;
- position;
- effective stacksize;
- hand strenght;
- board structure;
- amount to call (bet size);
- outs and pot odds;
- initiative;
- the amount of money invested in the bank, etc.

If desired, the bot strategy can be edited.

Here is a recording of the poker bot game:


You can buy a poker bot for one or more supported rooms.

PartyPoker PartyPoker bot 6,7,8,9-max - cash and MTT tournaments, including FastForward $125
888poker 888poker bot 6,8,9-max - MTT tournaments (cash tables not supported) $135 YouTube
PokerStars PokerStars bot 6,9-max cash (including Zoom) and 6,7,8,9-max MTT tournaments $125 YouTube
GGpokerOK GGPoker bot 6,8,9-max - cash (including Rush) and MTT tournaments $135 YouTube
Pokerdom PokerDom bot 6,8-max - cash (including Boost) and MTT tournaments $125 YouTube
AoF Bot for AoF (GGpoker) includes 8-10 bb profile and tablemaps for AoF tables $55 YouTube
spingold Spin&Gold bot bot for 3-max Hyper Turbo SnG on GGPoker $75 YouTube
spingold Spin&Gold 6-Max bot bot for 6-max Hyper Turbo SnG on GGPoker $95 YouTube
partypoker SPINS SPINS bot bot for SPINS and SPINS Ultra on partypoker $75 YouTube
PokerStars Spin&Go Spin&Go bot bot for Spin&Go on PokerStars $75 YouTube
pokerdom windfall WINDFALL bot bot for windfall on pokerdom $75 YouTube
CoinPoker CoinPoker bot bot for cash (except 4-max and HU tables) and MTT tournaments on coinpoker $125 YouTube
cosmic spins CoinPoker cosmic spins bot bot for cosmic spins on coinpoker $75 YouTube
AApoker AApoker bot bot for 5,6-max cash and 9-max MTT tournaments $175 YouTube

Payment method: cryptocurrency. Contacts: e-mail; telegram @holdembot_support


After downloading the demo poker bot, unpack the archive and read readme.txt!

The demo version is only for reviewing with the functionality of the program and works on 6-max cash (including fast forward) on partypoker only!

Write to me and I will send you a demo for PokerStars Play Money!

Attention! Demo bot has demo bot logic!

About the purchase of a bot or for technical questions, write to the e-mail or telegram.

telegram @holdembot_support
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